Over 60's match 30th September 2015

The Over 60's visited Alders in what was a difficult day's fishing, with the fish still proving hard to get at. This being the 7th match, the regular point scorers are now dropping their lowest results, allowing the rest to catch up on points and bunch the series results up. Dave Smith leads by a point, but he has to come higher than 4th from now on to lift his score. The result was: Brian Cripps 1-14-0

Steve Myers 0-14-0

Dave Smith 0-10-8

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Over 70's match 19th August 2015

For their third match the old boys went to Dobsons, to find the lake fishing really well. Ken Hunt stormed to victory with a bulging net of nearly 44lb, followed by a close race for second between Ken North and A Pearce. Overall an excellent match.The full result:

Ken Hunt 43lb 14oz

K North 14lb 13oz

A Pearce 12lb 8oz

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Over 70's match 15th July 2015

The second over 70's match took the old boys to Willows probably hoping for some big weights. But it looks as if the carp weren't shoing in numbers leaving the weights quite small. Ken hunt was the runaway winner, leaving the others to scratch for bits. The result was:

Ken Hunt 10lb 5oz

Jim Knott 2lb 4oz

Eric Goswell 1lb 15oz 8dr

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Fishery Management

Your committee are elected to manage the club both strategically and on a day-to-day basis. However there are lots of ways that all members can get involved to influence and assist in the running of the club.

Working parties are a way that you can get physically involved, use your practical skills and muscle to improve the waters.

Bailiffing is a great way to keep in  touch with the waterside and support the upholding of the rules and regulations

Secondment to the committee. If you have specialist knowledge or skill, let us know, we may be able to use you.

Rule amendments can be put forward at any time but can only be ratified at an AGM. Don't moan about the rules if you don't agree with them. If it is important to you, submit a change for consideration.

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