Championship Match - Dobsons - 11th September 2022

Result:   D Clarke 22-6-0, J Cox 12-12-0, S Myers 12-1-0, W Squires 9-8-0, S Thame 4-7-0, D Smith 3-2-0, R Wiggins 3-0-0.   J Heaver DNW.   Dave Clarke had 2 Carp and some big Skimmers, Coxy had 2 Bream and a few bits as did Steve Myers.   


Over 70's match - Knotts - 7th August 2022

 Result of the Over 70's match on Knotts on 7 Sep.   S Pallett 13-12-0, R Wiggins 12-2-0, B Pallett 8-12-0, B Bowsher 7-9-0, D Smith 7-8-0, S Myers 6-6-0, M Burrows 5-14-0, K Hodges 4-8-0, S Thame 3-1-0, W Dixon 1-0-0.   K Rolfe and A McGarry DNW.   Some good bags of Roach!! 


Match report to follow...

Championship Match - Willows - 14 August 2022

With only 10 anglers fishing on a very hot morning, everyone had plenty of room to maximise their catch potential. Peg 48 was the winner, with Jake Heaver landing 32lb 9oz on the pellet waggler. Wilf Squires on peg 53 came second with five carp for 23lb 8oz. Richard Faithful was on peg 46 and came third with 16lb 12oz on the feeder. New faces were sadly few and far despite this being our open championship open to all anglers.

Tight Lines


 J Heaver 32-9-0, W Squires 23-8-0, R Faithfull 16-12-0, J Cox 12-10-0, D Smith 8-11-0, H Sadler 2-13-0, D Clarke 0-3-0.   D Anderson, K Rolfe and T Franklin DNW

'Silver Fish Only' match - Willows - 28th August 2022

A new venture, silver fish only, was well supported with 13 anglers fishing. A warm morning with a slight breeze greeted us at the draw. With Carp showing on the surface of the lake, all were prepared for a battle. With feeder, waggler and pole in use, all avenues were covered. All anglers were plagued by nuisance carp which did not count in the silver fish only match. Steve Myers fishing Peg 28 was the winner with 12lbs 5oz, followed by Steve Thame on Peg 30 with 11lbs 10oz, third Chris Evans on Peg 52 with 9lbs 15oz and fourth Richard Faithful on Peg 46 with 7lbs 3oz. Steve Thame caught a Bream of 6lbs 8oz which is entered for the Specimen Cup. Total weight caught by the anglers was 67lbs.

Full Result: S Myers 12-5-0, S Thame 11-10-0, C Evans 9-15-0, R Faithfull 7-3-0, W Squires 6-5-0, B Pallett 5-14-0, H Sadler 4-0-0, D Clarke 3-4-0, R Wiggins 2-11-0, D Smith 2-3-0, K Rolfe 1-8-0.   K Payne and D Anderson DNW.

Should we continue next season with a silver fish match, perhaps Bellwood is worth considering where the carp may not be such a problem. Any thoughts? Please submit your views via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tight lines to all. Henry Sadler.

Over 60's match - Alders - 10 August 2022

With only eight anglers fishing, points were up for grabs. A steaming hot morning greeted us and shade was important. It was a very slow day, but every angler caught. Fishing peg 3, Brian Pallett won the match with 3lb 7oz of roach, followed by Steve Myers on peg 24 with 2lbs 2oz with Dave Smith third from peg 1 at 1-14-8. Leading the league is Steve Myers on 35 points, followed by Bill Bowsher on 55 and third, Richard Higgins on 25.

Tight Lines