Championship Match - Avington - 23.10.22

After torrential rain all night, three hardy anglers fished this match. Fishing the first three pegs on D Section, fish were being caught from the whistle. Mainly Roach and Perch were being caught with a few Skimmers. The match was won by Henry Sadler with 8lbs 13oz, second Richard Faithful with 7lbs 14oz and third Dave Smith with 7lbs 10oz. A pleasant day's fishing in warm and sunny conditions. Henry Sadler.

  H Sadler 8-13-0, R Faithfull 7-14-0, D Smith 7-10-0, that's it!!   

Over 70's match - Dobsons - 5.10.22

The final match of this season's Over 70s League was a hard-fought contest on Dobsons Lake. The morning was mild but windy and each angler was looking for an edge. Although drawing 6th choice in Jim's Rover Match, Dave Smith was able to get favoured Peg 5. From here he won the match fishing tight against the island with 23lbs 3oz, made up of two carp, one large bream and some skimmers. Second place went to Henry Sadler fishing Peg 30 with two tench plus roach and perch for 9lbs 12oz. Third place was Brian Pallett with 5lbs 15oz.
Hearty congratulations to Brian Pallett, who wins the league by 2 points, having finished as runner-up in 2021. Second came Dave Smith on 34 points, third Richard Wiggins 33 points and fourth Bill Bowsher 30 points.
Henry Sadler.

 Result:  D Smith 23-3-0, H Sadler 9-12-0, B Pallett 5-15-0, W Bowsher 3-10-0, M Burrows 3-4-0, R Wiggins 2-6-0.   S Myers, A McGarry DNW.   




Over 60's match - Dobsons - 21st September 2022

On a bright and warm morning 10 anglers faced each other to do battle in the latest over 60s league. All anglers caught fish from various pegs on the lake. Fishing Peg 5 Bill Bowsher weighed 7lbs 12oz to win the day, mainly Roach with a single small Bream. Close behind was Steve Thame on Peg 16 weighing 7lbs 8oz, including a Tench on 4lbs 4oz. Kim Hodges finished third from Peg 40 with 5lbs 3oz, four Skimmer Bream. Current league leader is Bill Bowsher on 43 points, second Steve Myers 40 points and third Richard Wiggins on 32 points. Congratulations to the working party repairing the pegs, a great improvement and safe environment. Tight Lines, Henry Sadler.


W Bowsher 7-12-0
S Thame 7-8-0
K Hodges 5-3-0
R Wiggins 4-12-0
D Smith 4-1-0
S Myers 2-8-8
B Pallett 2-0-0
H Sadler 1-7-0
A McGarry 1-6-0
S Bailey-Price DNW.

Memorial and Over 60's matches - 25th and 28th September 2022

The result of the Memorial match on Willows on 25 Sep had no bearing on tables but there was the Keith Scriver and Norman Unwin trophies up for grabs. 

On a bright and warm morning, 14 anglers prepared for battle on Willows for the Memorial Cup. After a cool night the fish were reluctant to feed early on, but gradually bites were forthcoming. Some anglers started on silver fish and some sat it out for Carp. Defending champion Richard Faithful retained the trophy with 17lbs 10oz from Peg 32, all caught late in the match. Second was Henry Sadler with 16lbs 8oz from Peg 26 including one Mirror Carp (13lb 8oz). Third in the frame was Les Durnford, Peg 39 with 14lbs 1oz, including one Bream (5lb 8oz). A well supported match in memory of Newbury members who now fish the lakes of heaven. Tight Lines, Henry Sadler.

 Result - 1st  Richard Faithfull with 17-10-0, 2nd H Sadler 16-8-0, 3rd L Durnford 14-1-0, 4th  D Smith 13-2-0, 5th J Heaver 12-13-0, 6th S Thame 8-1-0, 7th R Spiers 7-8-0..  K Rolfe, K Halsey, S Myers D Clarke, S Bailey-Price. R Wiggins and W Squires DNW.   

Over 60's Match

With a small field of seven quality anglers, battle was fought at Bellwood in the next round of the Over 60s League. Winning the day was Bill Bowsher with an impressive 8lbs 4oz, fishing Peg 7. Second, Richard Wiggins with 7lbs 8oz and third, Steve Thame with 6lbs 14oz. Bill Bowsher leads the league with 53 points followed by Richard Wiggins with 41 points and Steve Myers third with 40 points. Henry Sadler

Result: W Bowsher 8-4-0, R Wiggins 7-8-0, S Thame 6-14-0, M Burrows 5-12-0, K Hodges 5-4-0, L Durnford 2-3-0 and B Pallett 1-7-0.