The range of river angling on offer to members will cover just about everything you could want. the size of water ranges from small streams on Speen Moors to wider stretches at Aldermaston. There is fast water, slow water and in some places weirs and white water. Some parts are natural river Kennet, and some are part of the waterway, those being listed in the "Waterways" part of this site. Shallow stretches full of roach, dace and gudgeon, to slower reaches with bream and tench. Not to forget the specimens of chub, barbel, pike and perch.

Have a look at the menu listing for each water, and make your choice!

By their nature the rivers are less suitable for disabled anglers, and more care should be taken near fast flowing water. Some of the rivers need the padlock key, available from Thatcham Angling in return for a deposit.